Yoga, Yoga therapy and meditation


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, my classes offer a space in which you can deepen your practice and draw upon your personal needs. I offer different levels in each class, giving you the freedom to pick and choose what suits you at the moment.  To feel, to be, and to experience a unique combination of energy and self-care, I will support you in your daily life. 

A yoga class is not just a break from life‘s challenges, but a way to gain insights and learn skills to better handle everything that life offers you.

I have designed classes, workshop retreats with a unique mindset of awareness. The more I explore as a teacher and learn as a student, the more I’m able to share my wisdom in a new and vibrant light. It is a true blessing and honor to share that journey with my students.

I see yoga as a holistic life concept, which helps you: to transform and grow! Book your private online class today or join my classes and workshops on site.

Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy is potentially therapeutic and healing. It can help you with arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, low back pain, and many other types of chronic pain conditions. Yoga therapy is created to relieve stress and pain.

Balance your Body spirt and mind

Yoga is potentially therapeutic and healing. Yoga therapy is the specific application of yogic postures, breathwork, meditation techniques, and more, to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.
I design for you a personal class where we focus on your specific goals while considering any limitations that you might be experiencing.

The practices are an individual combination of:
– Movement
– Breathing techniques
– Meditation or visualization practices
– Physical

If you already experience lower back, shoulder, or neck pain, yoga therapy shows you how to increase your physical health and relief the pain. Book your private yoga therapy session online or offline. I will design a private class based on your physical and emotional needs. 

“To a mind that is still. The whole universe surrenders.”


In my meditation classes, we focus a lot on our breath, which allows you to come into your full energy. Here you can face your true self. Whatever your intention is, after focusing on different breathing techniques, you will feel more energized and connected to your emotional and physical body.

I teach some active and guided meditation based on different kinds of breathing techniques. Through my guidance, you will have the possibility to fully relax and experience new energy. I offer some individual meditation guidance and some group sessions. It is my approach to help my students clam down the mind and experience wisdom.

My classes are all based and developed out of my healing education. You will find Energy-movements (Qi-gong), Pranic Healing, and Reiki in my meditation guidance as well.

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