Self-Care Coaching

Let yourself be seen!

We are all individuals and carry some special gifts in ourselves. Our daily life with stress and anxiety makes it difficult to see your own power and light. Less time for ourselves, developed patterns and emotional unsecured covering our real potential. Sometimes, we even get physical and emotional sick from it. To stay healthy and heal yourselves, we have to learn how we can take care of ourselves. 

My self-care coaching can help you bring your light to shine and make you feel like a brighter version of you. I will support your physical, emotional and energetical wellbeing, with an individual concept specially designed for you.

What to expect?

We will work together on how to create more time-space in your life, how to find a deeper more sustainable energy, a better night’s sleep, how to gain the benefits of effective meditation. To eat well and feel more nourished. To move towards your physical wellbeing. To feel at ease, more present, in the flow and living in the moment. To feel vibrant, deeply rested, energized and fresh. To feel more connected to yourself. Tap into your innate capacity for strength and wholeness. To implement more awareness into your daily life.

I will support you with one on one session. We create together a concept of self-healing, self-care, transformation, and improvement where ever it is needed.

For my coachings, I use my knowledge of Yoga, Meditation, Energy healing, Qi-gong, Non-violent Communication, and a healthy diet. I design a practical step by step plan together with you, which you can implement in your daily life. The sessions can be either face to face or via video chat.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make!

Start within

(You are perfect in being as you are) You are perfect in your being like you are. I will help you to remember and see that truth more clearly about yourself.

Depending on your need and goals, we create new patterns and routine, which is based on:

– bodyawareness
– emotional balancing and freedome
– energy work
– a balanced diet
– non-violent-communication
– yoga and meditation
– creating a save space
– healing

The one to one sessions can be in person or online, but I will support you on a regular base to built up a routine for yourself.

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