Energy Healing

Feel the energy rising

Energy healing is based on scientific principles that everything in our life is created out of energy. Our body is a smart medium of energy and it knows exactly what to do and when. We are surrounded by the energy in different kinds of forms, every second. Increasing our energy makes us feel awake, alive, and healthy.

I’m a Reiki Master and a Pranic Healer. I use all my knowledge to support you in your at your journey. I also teach some self-healing techniques that are usable in your daily life. Together, we will find a perfect approach for you.

Come to my workshop, classes, retreats, or book a private session. Healing starts from within.


Reiki is a holistic energy healing treatment that transmits natural healing vibrations through the hands of a Reiki practitioner to the recipient’s body. It is based on the principle that we all have an invisible life force energy flowing through us. When our life force energy levels are low, or we are suffering from emotional blockage, we are more likely to fall prey to disease or to feel stressed.

Reiki is administered by ‘laying on hands’ and the results of a session are often described as feeling a ‘glowing radiance’.

The purpose of Reiki is to reduce stress and pain, help imbue a sense of tranquillity. Reiki can charge our energy field with positive energy, shorten healing times, balance energies, help create positivity and support a plethora of traditional therapies.

A Reiki session is also for a deeper understanding of your true self and your soul journey.

In a private session, we create a safe energy field for healing and growing. I’m a professional energy healer and I use all my knowledge to provide you a deep experience.

If you start healing yourself, automatically your family and environment will do the same. To learn energy healing on a deeper level join my classes or workshops.

Energy flows where attention goes!
You can heal and send energy even over thousands of kilometers!

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a revolutionary and comprehensive system of natural healing techniques that uses prana to treat illness. It is a synthesis of ancient, esoteric healing methods that have been rediscovered, researched and tested over decades with proven success by the founder of Modern Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

In Pranic healing, I check, cleans replenish and revitalize the life force-energy to transform and refresh “prana”, life-energy with crystals. When we are healthy and happy, we feel all charged up and are full of energy. When we are sick or upset, we feel down or drained out.

To increase the healing, I use different kinds of crystals that are personally resonating with your current situation.

Book private Pranic healing with me and experience the power of Crystals.

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