About me

Natascha Heller

A life with compassion, joy, and love – that’s what I love to share. I deeply believe that since I was born in 1985 in Germany,  I’m here to serve others on their journey.

No words can ever explain the joy of my heart when I support some transformations through all the layers. I learned that we can go through everything alone, but together it is easier and more colorful.

My sharing of Yoga, energy healing, and holistic lifestyle helps others to bring positive changes into their lives. I always hope they experience their full potential and a brighter version of themselves. I support the physical, emotional, and energetically wellbeing, at the same time everybody has their journey and reality. But the feeling that we aren’t alone, we are all one, it is a deep connection to the inner voice and everything around us.

Unconditional love for ourselves, others, and the environment is the beginning of self-healing.  This was the beginning of my blooming!


Healing the heart by finding the soul

My Journey

For a long time, I was physically and emotionally sick. I was a victim of my own life. I started changing my life completely and recognized that everything is impermanent. I wanted to be healthy, joyful, and happy, like everybody else. My journey to my true self began.

In order to understand what is going on in my emotional and physical world, I studied a lot about Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine, and Yoga, until I started studying myself.

I spend some time in India, in an ashram to learn what surrendering to the universe and life means. I spend some time in silence to listen to my inner voice which became louder and louder over the months. Not everything was a bliss experience, it was completely the opposite. I faced my deepest shadows in Bali to see what kind of person I was. To Feel, see, and face the animal inside of me, a screaming soul, a wild woman who is craving for freedom, was difficult. But for the first time in my life, I was honest about myself and who I´m. I didn’t realize at that time, but today I can say. I started the healing process there, in the middle of the rice fields. After an inner fight, a lot of crying and screaming moments, I accepted that I was not the woman that I thought I was. It took me some time to see why my heart was heavy and my soul was crying.

I started this journey on my own without teacher or support and sometimes I deeply wished somebody to be on my side. Now I’m glad that I was able to manage everything by myself and due to that, I learned so much. I had some dark days with indescribable pain, hot and cold energy moving through my body, sleepless nights, and nightmares. The Kundalini energy forced me into that journey to follow the inner voice. Whenever I tried to ignore it, it came back to me in some physical reactions. I surrendered, accepted, and felt some emotional and physical transformation.

It took me months to process everything and my mind was still looking for answers. I got back to India, to spend some time in the Himalaya. For the first time in my life, I could feel the energy permanently in my body. I was surprised by how strong I’m and that everything that I have learned so far, Reiki, Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation and Qi gong was potentially increased. In between Rishikesh and Dharamshala, there is a tree of life, where I spend some days just sitting and being one with nature. Snakes came and went away, even some elephants stopped to take a look at me. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had. I was one with nature and with everything around me. I was able to feel what words cannot describe

I’m not sure if that was the transformation day but in my mind, I remember it like that. Pure peace, no thoughts, and energy around me. Everything that I thought that I knew went away.

A reset in my life.

The transformation took place in my life, from a good girl, daughter, sister, friend, employee to a woman, a witch. I would call it like that. An incredible power, I´m the creator of my reality, of my emotions and even my body. I started using my energy in a completely different way and stepped into the wild woman. My true and authentic self, who isn’t afraid of speaking the truth. I made a soul agreement with myself: follow the call whatever that means to me. See the shadows as the new light and support others by growing.

I stepped out of the patriotic world, which wasn’t serving me anymore, and connected to my feminine. In situations, where I was strong and powerful before, I started crying and I enjoyed it. Instead of pushing myself to the edge and feeling pressure, I changed to pleasure. Today I can’t even force myself to do some things anymore if they aren’t in alignment with my soul. It just costs me too much energy. From a woman, who was tough, pushy, and strong in a patriotic world. I surrendered to life, I did, I do every day, consciously not out of pressure, out of pleasure. I enjoy the lessons, the experience, the emotions and I´m glad that I´m today in that state to help others. In my perfect dream, I would be able to show people around me that what they think their weakness is, is actually their strengths, their superpowers.

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