Natascha Heller

Awareness – the energy is inside

We have the ability to make positive changes in our life. The way we think and perceive our bodies, minds and circumstances become our truth. We can learn to love and nurture ourselves. Practicing self-care each day for our minds, to find balance, for our bodies, to harness strength, and for our hearts to be open.

In order to fully experience life itself, for almost 15 years I have been studying and practicing yoga, healing and self-development. Over those years, my teachers have taught me how to pass on this transformative wisdom. Let’s empower one another and grow together.


Bring awareness into your daily life!

You are the change itself that you are looking for. If you are ready and you decided to break through your patterns to connect with your soul,  you won’t be alone. We are walking on this path together.

I’m Natascha, a certified Hatha-, Yin, Restorative- Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist. Self-care, daily awareness training, breathwork, and energy work are some of my main focuses. I will support you with my open heart and professional knowledge in every possible way.

Learn, grow, and connect by bringing awareness into your daily life with easy useable therapeutic tools for your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Let’s be a part of each other’s journeys and connect with like-minded souls.

Yoga and Meditation

I design unique yoga and meditation classes for an inner and outer discovery about yourself. The base of my classes is focused on energy healing, heart connection and body awareness.

Energy Healing

Experience private healing sessions. Feel the Reiki, or Pranic, Energy moving through your body as a transformative healing. Experience your own power and ability to heal.

Self-Care Coaching

My self-care coaching can help you bring positive changes to your life and it will seed the light in a unique way. You are perfect like you are! I will support you to experience this feeling on different levels.

A journey to your soul!

Awake the light in you and let yourself shine. Stay open to the colorful experience of life. Write your own story and be a part of mine.

Yoga and Meditation

My yoga classes are designed for beginners and also for intermediate Yogis. In Yoga, you can flow easily into a state of meditation as well.

Yoga is potentially therapeutic and healing. Yoga therapy is the specific application of yogic postures, breathwork, meditation techniques, and more, to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Here you have the possibility to face your true self and connect to your spirit. Whatever your intention is, you will feel more energized and connected to your emotional and physical body after.

Experience the spirit of yoga and spend time with your soul. Start your journey with a group or private class.

Energy healing

Everything in our life is energy. Our body is a smart medium of energy and it knows exactly what to do and when.

Increasing our own energy makes us feel awake, alive, and healthy. Energy healing means you create your own space where the energy and the environment help you to heal and stay healthy. You start healing your soul and spirit.

I’m a Reiki Master and a Pranic Healer. Together, we will find a perfect approach for you. Healing starts from within and I will be your support on this path. Start your healing journey with a private Reiki or Pranic Healing session.

Join my healing workshops to increase your own powerful energy. Let your light shine for you and with others.

Self-Care coaching

You are carrying a lot of potentials already inside of you! Connect to your powerful true self. Spend time with your soul. Experience your emotions on stress – and anxiety-free levels.

In my self-care coaching, you learn more about your physical needs, your emotional world and a healthy diet. A healthy lifestyle is affecting our wellbeing, especially in times of insecurity and instability. Be the change itself to create the life you want.

My self-care coaching can help you bring positive changes to your life and it will seed the light in a unique way. You are perfect like you are! I will support you to experience these feelings.

You won’t be alone, I will support you on a regular base to built up a routine and confidence for yourself.

Others say

“The private Yoga Therapie session was very impactful for me. She showed me how to work very gently and slow with that injury and it got so much better.”

Rebekka Bruch


“Natascha is a great yoga teacher. She is a gifted space holder & workshop facilitator. You should consider yourself lucky if you cross paths with her.”

Yaron Cohen

Owner Nirodha Yoga Thailand

“Natascha is wise beyond words. She is such an amazing teacher full of so knowledge. She constantly reminds you to be loving and gentle with yourself. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Eva Sofia

Artist by Eva Anzola

“Natascha is the most inspiring Teacher I’ve ever met. Deep knowledge, charming personality, and Huge love. I can’t explain with just words.”

Yuki Ishihara

Fundraising Manager, Ovala Japan

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